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Anisa Mehdi is an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and writer specializing in religion and the arts. She was a 2009-2010 Fulbright Scholar in Jordan and teaches documentary film at Seton Hall University. Her documentary films have appeared on PBS, ABC and National Geographic Television.

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What's New

Anisa is working on her third film on the hajj pilgrimage. She'll be taking a crew to Mecca and Medina for WGBH (PBS) to shoot a film for the upcoming six-part series "Sacred Journeys," slated for broadcast on December 23, 2014.

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Engaging. Eternal. Essential.

October 21-30, 2013

Temple of Hercules, Amman


  • Meet Jordanian villagers, academics, government officials, entrepreneurs, arts professionals and Bedouin.
  • Taste the special flavors of Jordan: home-cooked meals, folksy local haunts and gourmet restaurants.
  • Behind-the-scenes access to historical and archaeological site.
  • Private briefing with US Embassy officials.

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In October, 2013 Anisa Mehdi returns to Mecca to direct her third film on Hajj, this time for a six-part PBS series called "Sacred Journeys."

She teams with Eaton Creative and Maya Vision International of London to cover the annual pilgrimage from the point of view of group or community: what does it mean in 21st century American life to put other before self and to see other as self, in the midst of a physically and spiritually challenging adventure? We will follow members and friends of the Islamic Society of Boston as they undertake this 1400-year-old sacred journey.

Feb 15.2013, 3rd annual Legacy of Malcolm X.

On Feb 15.2013, Anisa Mehdi will be speaking at the 3rd annual Legacy of Malcolm X, hosted by Concordia University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for non-students.

Anisa Mehdi: Documenting Life

Religion Behind the Headlines

Anisa Mehdi participated in a 20 March, 2012, Panel discussion at New York University sponsored by Coexist.

12/03/2012 - Coexist Prize Finalists

The Coexist Foundation is proud to announce the 2012 Coexist Prize finalists: Lian Gogali, Indonesia; Mustafa Ali, Kenya; Oliver McTernan, United Kingdom; William Ury, United States; Dishani Jayaweera, Sri Lanka; Josh Stanton, United States. The $100,000 prize winner, as well as the two $10,000 prize runners-up will be announced at the Coexist Prize Ceremony on March 20, 2012 at New York University. Watch all of their introduction videos below and don't forget to reserve your place for the Coexist Prize Ceremony.

William Ury from Coexist Foundation on Vimeo.


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by Anisa Mehdi

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation. I could have listened to you for another hour. It seemed as if you were having an intimate conversation with each of us.”

Richeleen Dashield, Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Raritan Valley Community College

“You made important points about the role of art and creative expression [inThose who have faith know art cannot threaten it, Star-Ledger, September 29, 2006]. The piece is needed both for Muslims and others. Your message seems to be speaking to all quarters.”

David Bossman, Professor, Department of Jewish-Christian Studies, Seton Hall University; Editor, Biblical Theology Bulletin

“I really enjoyed the interview I had today with Anisa Mehdi. She gives such thoughtful and clear answers. I could talk to her over and over.”

David Lile, KFRU radio talk show host

“I was asked to name the 15-20 most influential US Muslims who are shaping what Muslims and non-Muslim think about Islam and Muslims and [Anisa Mehdi was] on my list.”

Tayyibah Taylor, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Azizah Magazine

Did you know the late Dr. Mohammad T. Mehdi, head of the American Arab
Relations Committee and National Council on Islamic Affairs?

How did he impress you?

How did he inspire you?

In what circumstances and when did your paths cross?

As she begins an in-depth biography of her father, Anisa Mehdi requests your input as a source of primary research. Please send a story about or a memory of Dr. M.T. Mehdi to "An Arab Looks at America"

Include your contact information for possible follow-up.

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